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Hello, everyone! I’m Zhou Kexin. Today I am so glad to share my trip to Changzhou Spring City with you. It was a very pleasant trip for me.
This Nation’s Day, I went to Changzhou Spring City with my parents. It’s the first time for me to go there. I was looking forward to it for a long time. My dream was coming true. After one and a half hour’s drive, we arrived. We saw a lot of old buildings. They are very special. The most interesting place was the zoo inside. There are many animals, such as, tigers, elephants, zebras and monkeys. Monkeys are my favorite animals.They are our good friends. Later I went to the Children 's playground, it’s children’s world. I played happily with my parents. Finally, we watched 4D movies, It was very exciting。
How times flies! It’s time to go home. I had to say good-bye to everything here.
This was a pleasant trip for me.
My speech is over. Thank you!




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