The story with me and En_3000字

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to give my topic with you.Eh, I am just a little nervous right now. And I usually sing a song when I feel nervous. So would you mind me singing a song? Of course not!(sing the song…) Did I sing well?Okay, thank you. Do you like this piece of music? Yes or no? By the way, do you know the name of the song? Who can tell me? ---Yep! You are right! The name of the song is Imagine me without you. As for me, I can’t imagine me without English in my life. Why? Please wait a moment. You will get the answer from the following content. Let’s back to our topic.
As we all know, English is an international language. I am 14 years old now and I’ve learnt English for 9 years. It has become a part of my life. I think English is not only important but also very useful to me.
I have never thought that, I would pay such more attention to learning English because when I was six, I always got bad marks at school and I could not figure out the letters “ R” and “K”。 Yeah, that is impossible.
One day, my mom came to school and took me home and she saw the letters on the blackboard. She pointed to “R” and asked me “What is this?”---“R”。 “And what about this one”? She pointed to “K”。---“R”! I answered. “Are you sure?”---“Yep, mummy, They are the same!” I said confidently! My mom shook her head with an upset face. She was so disappointed with me. From then on, she tried to use many different ways in order to improve my English, such as inviting the private teachers with high salary; finding foreign teachers online; buying lots of English books or encouraging me to enter different English competitions and so on. And I also worked very hard. I got up early every morning to read English books aloud and had English classes for hours. Sometimes I felt really tired and I had no progress. I felt frustrated! Luckily, my mum is always with me! She wanted me to learn everything happily but not with lots of pressure. She tried to make me relax. It was a kind of logical game. Would you like to have a try? Follow me, please! Raise your hands up. This is a gun in my left hand and there are four birds in my right hand. Now I need to exchange them like this. Try to do it as fast as you can! Can you do it? Well, maybe it is a little difficult at first. So did I. So I tried it patiently and carefully again and again. You see, I can do it as fast as I can now. I think the way to learn English is still the same. After a difficult training time, I found that: the more English I’ve learnt patiently,the more confidence I’ve got and the more interested I was in learning English.
I am an outgoing girl. I love to explore and know more about the world. I have some friends from different countries. At first, I could not follow them clearly. But they were friendly. They treated me as a member of their family. We could play jokes to each other or share something interesting together. I remembered one day I had mentioned to my American teacher that I had a fight with my friend and I felt left behind. She stopped for a moment and said: “It doesn’t matter. I am always with you.” At that time I felt really warm. Sometimes I talk with my friends on Skype and some of them on QQ. And one of my friend came from Philippines had asked me to give him the QQ red bag.Very interesting, right?
During the time when I learn English, I understand a point clearly that is “Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can. There will always come a time you will be grateful you did.” We should always in siston what we are seeking. I wouldn’t give up learning English. Thanks for your listening.




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