My childhood_1500字

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Looking at a piece of land was built a high-rise buildings, the heart is happy and sad. Happily, with the development of modernization, people's living conditions are getting better and better. Sad for lost memories of childhood, because these fields are our little friends play when childhood, record our good memories.
I remember when I was a child, most of the accessories in the village were fields or wasteland, when the houses were still short houses. Many adults grow vegetables on the fields attached, and our children will play with their adults in the fields. At that time, the fields were a pile of dragonflies, butterflies in the collection of honey on cauliflower. We chase the flying insects on the fields. Sometimes, when adults turn around the land, they dig out some earthworms, and we use them to fill them up with a small bottle. Fishing in the stream at the foot of the mountain. These earthworms are our baits. The stream is clear enough to see many small fish swimming in it. The water is slow and the water is below our knees. In the summer, we catch small crabs and shrimps in the stream, and then bring them home in small bottles. Now I don't know the brook is still not, the last time I went to the brook to play is already the fifth grade of primary school, the stream has not so clean, and some garbage floating on the floor, inside the fish have not so much, in the stream fish shrimp alone.
Summer night, full of weeds on the field are tiny spots luminous spot, fireflies in the summer night everywhere, I will sleep in the room with a two fireflies fly in, I have not seen fireflies for many years. Sometimes we have a group of bear children will go to the mountains, up the tree to eat fruit, and wild mulberry hill at that time, to buy to eat now.
More rain in summer, the ground pit place will be full of rain, a few days there will be a lot of small tadpoles, we will take a small cup to catch tadpoles, and we also naive to think that they will become a cute little frog, the parents told us these tadpoles will only become toad, scared we immediately put these small tadpoles back to its place.
Memories of childhood will not stop when I think about it, I will flash bleeding in my mind, what a beautiful fragment, miss the dribs and drabs of childhood......




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