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A day of summer vacation, my family decided to go to baomo garden play, baomo garden located in Shawan Town of Panyu District city of Guangdong province Guangzhou Zini village, it was built in the late Qing Dynasty, so the inside of the building are distinctive features of South of the Five Ridges classical buildings.
"Treasure ink garden" this name is how to come, I asked my father and mother, but they are not too clear, so I found the Internet to treasure the edge of the ink garden. The package at temple was built in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years, is enshrined in the light Song Ming Chen, Bao Zheng. There is a flood in the Xijiang River, there is a black wood drifting to the village, they put it back in the river, who knows the downstream water, the wood back to the village. When this happens again and again, people find it very strange and consecrate the black wood. Jiaqing four years the court to exterminate the corrupt He Shen, the society set off anti-corruption of the wind. As a result, people naturally want to get like that to clean Bao governance officials. Put the wood carved like BaoQingTian, build package at. The package at baomo garden predecessor.
There are many baomo garden Koi, we bought a bag of feed into a koi, the door to see there are many Koi under the bridge. We stand on the side of the bridge into the water with a feed, some from our past news Koi wags its tail to swim over, see here are also other Koi feed the gathering in crowds and groups swam, their mouths, tail slapping the water, as if eager to feed them we'll plant more points, very energetic.
Go down as if you are in the ancient garden, everywhere south of the Five Ridges classical architecture, bridges, will reveal pavilions, terraces and open halls, the heritage of Chinese culture, which baomo garden there are many precious cultural relics, there are many different periods of jade collection, calligraphy and painting etc.




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